Assalam-Alekum and Welcome to this page decicated to the Legends of
Pakistan Cricket. Over the years, Pakistan Cricket has seen many
stars who have come and gone. Everyone who has played in the National
team at one time or another, is a star in his own right. However,
there are stars, and then there are Legends. People like Fazal Mahmood,
Javed Miandad, Imran Khan, Zaheer Abbas and many more. These are the 
players who will always be remembered as true Icons in Cricket. 
Most of these men have left the Cricketing scene and have moved on to
bigger and better things. However, all of them still keep in touch 
with the game that has brought them such honour and prestige. Being
able to play for Pakistan at the International level is a unique 
honour which is not lost on these men. They have as much love for the
game,as the game's followers have for them. In the following pages,
you'll learn more about the true Legends of Pakistan Cricket, and
follow their careers on the International Circuit. Since this page
is relatively new, ideas are welcome so dont hesitate to speak
your mind. Be sure to post your comments on our Pakistan Cricketing
Legends MessageBoard.  We'd love to hear from you.

The Legends of Pakistan Cricket....

Abdul Qadir:
Fazal Mahmood:
Hanif Mohammad:
Imran Khan:
Javed Miandad.:

Mushtaq Mohammad:
Ramiz Raja:
Saeed Anwar.:
Wasim Akram.:
Zaheer Abbas.:

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